Leadership with a human edge

Tenacious creativity and essential experimentation – Chihuly Now, Halcyon Gallery, London, UK, 2018.

The new competitive edge

We are faced with tumultuous change as a society and as businesses. Leaders are challenged more than ever. What they decide and how they behave are under intense scrutiny.

We offer executive and top team coaching, Board and C-suite reflective dialogue, coaching supervision, masterclasses, customised in-house programmes as well as speaking engagements, with a focus on leadership for our times.

In short, leaders and society seek a shift to re-generate leadership.

One based on:

Using a signature blend of science, evidence-based approaches, and creativity, leaders, top teams, and executive coaches learn to build the capacities and levels of mastery they need to navigate complexity and seamlessly shift, flex and succeed, irrespective of the situation, the requirements or the environment.

Executive coaching

Fit for our times: sustained high performance and personal well-being

“Coaching is about Transformational Conversations. Deep respect and affirmation between client and coach allow this to happen. Leaders get from where they are to where they want to be.”

Professor Carol Kauffman

Founder and Director of the Institute of Coaching and Assistant Clinical Professor at Harvard Medical School

Leaders generally know ‘what’ they need to do. But they often struggle with ‘how’ to develop the abilities and capacities required.

In our Executive Coaching programmes, we offer a signature blend of science, evidence-based approaches, and creativity, where individuals shift from developing skills and behaviours to expanding their capacity and their hearts and minds for sustainable high performance.

Our coaching practice is informed by pioneering thought leaders and experts in human-centred leadership, so that leaders are and remain fit for our times. We work to the strengths of everyone. We enable them to re-discover and unlock innate human capacities from which the ‘how’ leads to productive and generative habits that ultimately result in sustained high performance and personal wellbeing, while navigating and creating productive relationships and systems.

We apply the Dynallia framework for business focus, confidentiality, goal setting, stakeholder involvement, assessment, development, and tracking and measuring progress.

We work with the C-suite, Senior Executives and High Potential Leaders.


Ask about our bespoke C-level programmes for strategic high performance for individuals, teams and organisations, designed and delivered with Dr Carol Kauffman, Assistant Professor, Harvard University; Founder, Institute of Coaching, Harvard Affiliate.

Board & C-Suite Partner for reflective dialogue

A step beyond executive coaching

Nancy helps me gain a clear sense of my own ambiguities… I can focus more rapidly… She is so different from any other resource I have, and this makes our relationship extremely valuable.

Board Chair

At these levels, you need to step beyond executive coaching. As a partner for Reflective Dialogue for Board and C-suite members, we co-create space to work through multi-stakeholder dilemmas, conflicting demands, challenges in direction, and execution of responsibilities. We form an alliance for ongoing growth and resourcing, and at times achieve transformation, including significant shifts and widening of your perspectives.

Mindfulness for leaders

Increase impact through an expanded consciousness

An essential ingredient to lead and flourish.
We make it accessible to you.

To be mindful is to be purposefully present and curious about what is going on in the here and now.

Mindful leaders make better decisions, have more productive relationships and strengthen their ability to navigate complexity and uncertainty. They appreciate how self-compassion and kindness are essential foundations for leadership agility. They talk of more enjoyment of the little things and a greater ability to deal with the tougher challenges they inevitably face. Some studies suggest that regular practice decreases unconscious bias and increases socially-responsible behaviour.

We go beyond state mindfulness as a temporary way of being, to explore trait mindfulness which is a more stable and enduring personality trait that we can develop the capacity to tap into naturally in any situation. Linked to transformational leadership, our clients have especially valued mindfulness practice during the pandemic’s turbulent times with its impact on people’s wellbeing and on society more broadly.

Insightful speaker and educator

Be inspired by a signature blend of knowledge and insights

Nancy is an eloquent, thoughtful and inspirational speaker. The pearls of wisdom she shares from her own experience and career journey really resonate. Listeners are inspired to embrace them personally and to pass them on to empower others to grow and expand in positive ways.”

Global leader in top technology corporation

Audiences find Nancy a compelling and engaging speaker and educator. She inspires and enables business leaders to broaden their horizons to tap into their innate capacities as human beings and to make the shift that is needed for a new type of leadership, where the human edge is the new competitive edge. At ease in smaller group settings, as well as with very large audiences, she offers a unique blend of experience as a classical performing artist with research, knowledge and insights for sustained high-performance leadership.

Nancy’s clients describe her as having a unique combination of strong business acumen, warmth and an open and engaging style.

Find out more about Masterclasses

Top team performance

Ensure your teams thrive as they strive

Teams are the lifeblood of a successful organisation.

We work with top teams in creative, experiential, and practical ways to arrive at sustained and healthy high performance.

In our programmes, we explore trust, rapport, alchemy, and cohesiveness – essential enablers for positive relationships, systems, environments and results.

Team members learn about their strengths and weaknesses; where they gain and lose energy; productive relational systems and how to apply this knowledge. The goal is to maximize potential, constructively resolve conflict, reach attainable goals, and achieve greater personal fulfilment.

Our work promotes understanding, appreciation, communication, and helps a team to build an environment in which each member can thrive as an individual, leading to better collective outcomes.

Coaching supervision

Formative, normative, restorative and transformative

Supervision is the place where a coach’s true effectiveness is both understood and enhanced.

Accredited supervision is on the rise against increasing expectations for purpose-led, responsible, ethical, and values-based business operations and leadership.

Effective coaches (whether internal or external) occupy a privileged, yet neutral position of potential influence. Supervision can significantly and positively enhance a coach’s efficacy and impact.

In our Coaching Supervision programmes, we have non-biased and safe conversations in which we explore paradoxes, moral dilemmas, and contradictions. Coaches gain insight through our support, resource, and gentle challenge.

We work with several dimensions at different times: formative (development), normative (ethical dilemmas and questions), restorative (resourcing the coach from within and through support) and at times transformative (tangible shifts in the coach’s perspectives, or a stronger centring and grounding).

Nancy has a Diploma in Coaching Supervision from the Coaching Supervision Academy in London. It is a rigorous and unique programme that is EMCC-accredited (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) and ICF-approved (International Coaching Federation) for Coaching Supervision.

Dale Chihuly. Ethereal White Persian Pond, blown glass, 2018, installation in the Waterlily House. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London 2019.

Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness is a key leadership practice. Listen now.