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Fresh thinking and new perspectives – Dale Chihuly, Persian Chandelier, New York Botanical Gardens, US, 2006.

In the spirit of continuous learning and development, we are pleased to offer and share selected resources. Some are from our own work; others are from people and publications that we know and value.

We hope they stimulate and encourage a shift to a new style of leadership: leadership with a human edge.

Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness is a key leadership practice. We offer these recordings to stream or download (for desktop/laptop only – click the three dots on the right of the player). Nancy Glynn is qualified to teach Mindfulness by the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts, the programme developed by Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn. To learn more about Mindfulness and its importance for leaders, contact us.

Mindfulness Introduction

A recommended one-minute intro to practicing mindfulness.

3-Minute Breathing Space

A very short breathing practice to use at any time during the day.

10-Minute Breathing Practice

Provides an easy-to-access oasis, often practiced at the beginning or end of the day.

10-Minute Bodyscan Practice

Regular practice can improve empathy and emotional regulation.

Sounds and Thoughts Practice

Builds the ability over time to be less negatively affected by thoughts.

20-Minute Breathing Space

For a longer, more sustained practice.

20-Minute Bodyscan Practice

For a longer, more sustained practice that can improve empathy and emotional regulation.

Harvard Institute of Coaching report

Leading with Humanity: The Future of Leadership and Coaching, co-authored by Nancy Glynn. An excellent resource for leadership development in a turbulent world with evidence-based underpinnings. Fellows of the Institute interviewed executives during the pandemic, identified themes and contextualised the findings with relevant theoretical and empirical literature.

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The Seven Senses of Leadership Agility

Paper authored by Nancy Glynn on her Seven Senses of Leadership Agility, the practical how to develop cognitive, emotional and behavioural agility to attain the levels of leadership essential for today.

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Previous posts – even more relevant now

Resources from other thought leaders that we highly recommend

The best leaders are positive energisers

We all recognise these leaders and are attracted to working with them. Relationships with such leaders in any walk of life is life-enhancing and uplifting. This Harvard Business Review article explains the performance impact of leaders with positive regard and positive energy based on the authors’ seminal work in this field.

Our work at Dynallia includes developing these characteristics in leaders, which is more achievable than most people imagine.

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Resilience in action

We are living through a series of serious public health and social challenges. This article by neuroscientist, Dr Amid Sood, offers practical perspectives and useful practices to sustain us. It includes how to create more connection in a hybrid world and a simple practice to prime yourself to a productive conversation when you anticipate some challenge.

Building resilience and sustainable performance is a key focus at Dynallia and we are continually informed by the science and evidence-based practices of thought leaders in the field.

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