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Why strengths matter

Studies suggest that strengths-based approaches activates the leader's 'approach' state of mind resulting in greater growth and learning.

Effective teamwork

We work with teams in a variety of configurations, focused on practical ways to increase performance in sustainable ways. These include Strengths, Systems and Relational approaches. Team members learn about their strengths and weaknesses; where they gain and lose energy and how to apply this knowledge. The goal is to maximize potential, constructively resolve conflict, establish attainable goals, and achieve greater personal fulfilment.


We engage in productive and pragmatic dialogue, providing new ways to best to use the strengths and resources in a team.


Our work promotes understanding, appreciation, communication and helps a team to build an environment in which each member can thrive and be more resilient which lead to better collective achievements of the team.


Contact Nancy Glynn, nancy.glynn@dynallia.com to learn more.