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People thrive doing their best

The leader's role is to maintain and increase levels of engagement, mastery and flow in turbulent times.

Who we are

Founded in 2008 by Nancy Glynn, Dynallia works with C-Suite executives and top teams across multiple sectors as well as entrepreneurs, senior scientific and engineering leaders and partners in professional services firms. We are future focused, and grounded in pragmatic action. 


Clients value our strong business acumen and our ability to sense the essence of a challenge or opportunity. They build capacities for navigating complexity and operating effectvely in uncertainty and ambiguity. Our approach to leadership development and coaching is informed by research on high performance, resilience, mental & emotional agility and the impact they have on accelerating and sustaining growth. 


We believe that igniting the innate humanity in leaders is the new competitive edge. That it results in moral, ethical and values-driven leadership. And that this is the leadership we need in the 21st century.


Dynallia's alliances form a diverse team of executive coaches and consultants unified by:

We believe in a strengths-based approach, knowing that the complexities and challenges today are best met through tapping into, aligning and harnessing strengths in people and organizations.