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EQ & Agility: active ingredients

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Agility are key differentiators of sustainably high performing managers and leaders and we specialise in developing these capabilities.


What we do

Enabling leaders for sustainable high performance, becoming more agile, mindful, self compassionate and resilient

We know from experience that as leaders you generally know ‘what’ you need to do. But you may struggle with ‘how’ to develop the abilities and capacities required. 


We work to your strengths. You re-discover and unlock your innate human capacities from which the ‘how’ leads to productive and generative habits that ultimately result in your sustained high performance and personal wellbeing.


A rigorous Dynallia framework ensures business focus, confidentiality, goal setting, stakeholder involvement, assessment, development and tracking & measuring progress.


Our business coaching programmes are tailored for Senior Executives and/or High Potential Leaders. We typically engage one-on-one for 6-18 months, complemented by a 'Strengths Booster' programmme.

We work with top teams in creative, experiential and practical ways so that they achieve sustained and healthy high performance.


We explore trust, rapport, alchemy and cohesiveness – essential enablers for positive relationships, systems, environments and results.


As team members, you learn about your strengths and weaknesses as individuals and as a team; where you gain and lose energy; and how to apply this knowledge. The goal is to maximize team potential, constructively resolve conflict, establish attainable goals, and achieve greater personal fulfilment.


Our work promotes understanding, appreciation, communication and helps a team to build an environment in which each member can thrive in a connected, effective team leading to better collective outcomes.

To be mindful is to be purposefully present and curious about what is going on in the here and now. We incorporate Mindfulness into our work regularly as we believe in (and see) the significant value it offers to our clients 


Mindful leaders make better decisions, have more productive relationships and strengthen their ability to navigate complexity and uncertainty. They appreciate how self-compassion and kindness are essential foundations for leadership agility. They talk of more enjoyment of the little things and a greater ability to deal with the tougher challenges they inevitably face. Some studies suggest that regular practice decreases unconscious bias and increases socially responsible behaviour.

Accredited coaching supervision is on the rise against a backdrop of increasingly complex and diverse demands for responsible, ethical, purpose-led and values-based business operations and leadership. 


It is particularly relevant for those of us in the business of high-quality coaching and development, whether we are an external or internal resource. We occupy a neutral, yet privileged position of potential influence, challenge and support that we must both respect and honour.


We have non-biased and safe conversations in which to explore the development of your practice, the paradoxes, moral dilemmas and contradictions. In our forum you are resourced and supported and gentle challenge feels enabling.


Nancy is completing her Diploma in Coaching Supervision from the Coaching Supervision Academy in London later this year. It is a rigorous and unique programme that is EMCC-accredited and ICF approved for Coaching Supervision.

Nancy embodies a unique presence that leaders find compelling and engaging. At ease in smaller group settings as well as with very large audiences, she combines her experience as a classical performing artist with her knowledge and insights in leading with impact in the 21st century. She inspires and enables others to tap into their innate capacities as human beings and build the skills needed for our critical times.