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Mastery with the Mind 

Mastery with the Mind is a modular leadership programme using a new scientific and investigative approach to leadership development designed by Nancy Glynn, together with Jupiter Consulting Group's Moira Garvey.  The modular Programme bridges the latest neuroscience research on human behavioural change with the study of high performance. It also integrates the 2500-year-old wisdom of the East, offering disciplines for mastering the mind, which are essential for fortifying Leadership Resilience and Effectiveness in the stressful environment of today's world.


Mindful leadership draws on the highly respected and researched reflective and restorative practices and is increasingly sought after by leaders who want to be fully equipped to deal with today's realities.


Our approach deepens leaders' abilities to tap into greater capacities and enhance resilience to lead more effectively in an increasingly complicated, complex and ambiguous world.


Mind Over Matter


This interactive and practical workshop introduces participants to cutting-edge leadership thinking integrating neuroscience with high performance & resilience - leadership skills critical for these challenging times that everyone can develop.


Participants learn about their ability to self-direct and generate shifts in their state of mind, leading to more inner mastery, resourcefulness and choice, creating greater efficacy.


The workshop:


Breakthrough Leadership - Building Relational & Adaptive Leadership


Many Leaders are promoted for their knowledge and technical skills. They are not always offered the opportunity to develop the levels of self-regulation, self-management, relationship management and social intelligence that will allow them to lead without becoming seriously overstretched.


What does this mean in practice and how does a Leader build and develop his or her capacity at any point in life?


Recent research demonstrates that such capabilities can be developed and enhanced. Our work combines assessments, workshops and coaching to provide leaders with the practical means to develop these abilities themselves and in others, and to lead with greater wisdom and presence.


Wise Change - Leadership Continuous Transformation


Organizations that create agile, innovative and adaptable cultures are more likely to grow and maintain their competitive edge. These organizations have leaders who are at ease with complexity and change. Recent discoveries in neuroscience enable leaders to develop effective strategies that minimize a human being's natural resistance to change and increase the ability to adopt new mindsets and ways of working.


This programme consists of pre-work, workshops and coaching, through which leaders learn about:

The 24/7 Antidote: Increasing Resilience & Reducing Stress


A stressful world today is a fact of life. Leaders are stretched by high demands in difficult market conditions, surrounded by multiple stimuli. They need to be resilient for themselves and others. There is ample research to guide the creation of habits that contribute to increased resilience and better management of stress.


Combining an interactive workshop and follow-up coaching, this module:

Contact Nancy Glynn, nancy.glynn@dynallia.com to learn more.