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Resilience in leadership

In today's demanding 24/7 world, Leaders benefit from adopting new research-supported strategies for building and maintaining Resilience.

Executive coaching that enables and empowers

"Coaching is about Transformational Conversations. Deep respect and affirmation between client and coach allow this to happen. Leaders get from where they are to where they want to be."
Professor Carol Kauffman, Founder and Director of the Institute of Coaching and Assistant Clinical Professor at Harvard Medical School.


Many organizations are increasingly finding Executive Coaching to be a transformative development method for senior leaders.


At Dynallia, we create an environment where we see every person as resourceful, creative and whole and our starting point with every client is his or her strengths.


Dynallia's Executive Coaching is characterized by

We apply the Dynallia framework for confidentiality, goal setting, stakeholder involvement, assessment, development and tracking & measuring progress.


Our business coaching programmes are tailored for Senior Executives and/or High Potential Leaders, focusing specifically on the individual and organizational needs. We typically engage one-on-one for a 6-18 month period, complemented by a 'Strengths Booster' programme.


Contact Nancy Glynn, nancy.glynn@dynallia.com to learn more.